n., adj., adv., & v.
1 a the place where one lives; the fixed residence of a family or household. b a dwelling-house.
2 the members of a family collectively; one's family background (comes from a good home).
3 the native land of a person or of a person's ancestors.
4 an institution for persons needing care, rest, or refuge (nursing home).
5 the place where a thing originates or is native or most common.
6 a the finishing-point in a race. b (in games) the place where one is free from attack; the goal. c Lacrosse a player in an attacking position near the opponents' goal.
7 Sport a home match or win.
1 a of or connected with one's home. b carried on, done, or made, at home. c proceeding from home.
2 a carried on or produced in one's own country (home industries; the home market). b dealing with the domestic affairs of a country.
3 Sport played on one's own ground etc. (home match; home win).
4 in the neighbourhood of home.
1 a to one's home or country (go home). b arrived at home (is he home yet?). c US at home (stay home).
2 a to the point aimed at (the thrust went home). b as far as possible (drove the nail home; pressed his advantage home).
1 intr. (esp. of a trained pigeon) return home (cf. HOMING 1).
2 intr. (often foll. by on, in on) (of a vessel, missile, etc.) be guided towards a destination or target by a landmark, radio beam, etc.
3 tr. send or guide homewards.
4 tr. provide with a home.
Phrases and idioms:
at home
1 in one's own house or native land.
2 at ease as if in one's own home (make yourself at home).
3 (usu. foll. by in, on, with) familiar or well informed.
4 available to callers. at-home n. a social reception in a person's home. come home to become fully realized by. come home to roost see ROOST(1). home and dry having achieved one's purpose. home away from home = home from home. home-bird a person who likes to stay at home. home-brew beer or other alcoholic drink brewed at home. home-brewed (of beer etc.) brewed at home. home-coming arrival at home. Home Counties the counties closest to London. home economics the study of household management. home farm Brit. a farm (one of several on an estate) set aside to provide produce for the owner. home-felt felt intimately. home from home a place other than one's home where one feels at home; a place providing homelike amenities. home-grown grown or produced at home.
Home Guard hist.
1 the British citizen army organized in 1940 to defend the UK against invasion, and disbanded in 1957.
2 a member of this. home help Brit. a woman employed to help in a person's home, esp. one provided by a local authority. home, James! joc. drive home quickly! home-made made at home. home-making creation of a (pleasant) home. home movie a film made at home or of one's own activities.
Home Office
1 the British government department dealing with law and order, immigration, etc., in England and Wales.
2 the building used for this. home of lost causes Oxford University. home-owner a person who owns his or her own home. home perm a permanent wave made with domestic equipment. home plate Baseball a plate beside which the batter stands. home port the port from which a ship originates. home rule the government of a country or region by its own citizens. home run Baseball a hit that allows the batter to make a complete circuit of the bases. Home Secretary (in the UK) the Secretary of State in charge of the Home Office. home signal a signal indicating whether a train may proceed into a station or to the next section of the line. home straight (US stretch) the concluding stretch of a racecourse. home town the town of one's birth or early life or present fixed residence. home trade trade carried on within a country. home truth basic but unwelcome information concerning oneself. home unit Austral. a private residence, usu. occupied by the owner, as one of several in a building. near home affecting one closely.
homelike adj.
Etymology: OE ham f. Gmc

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